Honda 0 Series Saloon conceot.

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Many have already compared the all-new Honda 0 Series Saloon concept to the 2003 Honda Kiwami concept. I guess mainly because they both have a pronounced wedge shape.

I do see the resemblance and it seems the new 0 Series sedan is a much more modern update on the older concept.

I think the 0 Series Saloon interior looks like a weird video game-like mess. I cannot see any of it making it into production. At the same time, the super clean Kiwami interior from 20 years ago looks great. Such simplicity in a classic yet futuristic interior. I also see some “2001 a Space Odyssey” vibes in it for some reason.

It would actually make a great current interior design language for Honda or Acura. Just fantastic compared to what both brands offer now.

It seems the Kiwami couldn’t decide if it was a hatchback or a sedan, while the new Saloon doesn’t even seem to have a cargo opening at all.

Apparently, Honda mentioned at CES the 0 Series Saloon concept is 90% production-ready, and that prototypes are already testing in the US for a 2026 launch. This means we could see the final product sometime next year.

But 90%? Obviously, the giant doors will have to go. And the interior really doesn’t seem ready for primetime either. And what about that cargo space? They do need to design an opening somehow and the current design doesn’t seem to allow one.

I can see them keeping the general shape, although it is pretty futuristic for a production car. But only changing 10% of the design for production seems pretty crazy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe Honda will offer the most modern-looking production car on earth in just a couple of years…

What do you think?

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  1. I agree that this is not a 90% ready car, except maybe in the platform sense. It looks like an 80’s BladeRunner vision of the future. Regardless of Honda’s comment, it will still require 5mph bumpers, regulation lighting, and some level of rear visibility, as well as meet all the other safety requirements.

    Here’s where I think this design will go… it was mentioned that they will follow the Honda Man-maximum, Machine-minimum philosophy which was prevalent in the 9th gen Civic (front), the Clarity, and the 3rd Gen Fit (front). Look at their side profiles, which are much more aero than the current Honda sedans. Glass pushed forward, reduced hood lengths, and the Honda tail end (Clarity), signalling a move away from the current long hood, rear proportion designs. They know MM/MM was a superior aero surface that can be enhanced through their current improved flow management to the wheels and underside of the car, and the reduced front intakes typical of BEVs. The upper flow surfaces will be more like the prior Clarity designs with the skoop front from the Accord, minus the large video screens. That’s my guess.

  2. I agree with almost everything. Except for the 5MPH bumpers. That law came to effect in 1974 and was amended by the Reagan administration in 1982. Where it became 2,1/2 MPH. It’s down to nothing today…

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