2025 Toyota bZ1.

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While Toyota is pushing Hybrids and PHEVs, they are actively working on many new EVs. The illustration above shows what a small bZ1 could look like. This new tiny and inexpensive electric model would probably never make it to the North American market but could be quite popular in Asia and Europe. just in the next few months, it seems many new European EVs will be coming out in the 20,000 Euros price range. A new Fiat Panda EV as well as an electric all-new

(Le Car) are expected in just a few months.

All the new models will be trying to compete against the deluge of inexpensive EVs coming to China.

We have seen the bZ1 design before, as the “bZ Small Crossover” concept back in late 2021. Many of the concepts shown that day ended up being production models or more advanced concepts that will soon reach production.

Toyota‘s future small EV looks a lot like the European Toyota Aygo X, which is Toyota’s tiniest SUV sold in Europe. Although the bZ1 seems even smaller.

Like everyone else, Toyota is currently working on a whole lineup of new EVs, from the tiny bZ1 to a much larger 3-row SUV for the North American market, coming in 2025. And everything in between. They are currently making huge profits selling Hybrids and PHEVs while criticizing EVs. But make no mistake, once their own EVs are ready, things will change and Toyota will then try to dominate the world’s EV market. And they just might…

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