2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid: new video…

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This video from Toyota details all the specs for the 2023 Prius Hybrid.

We also get to see the grey interior. Which is still mostly black except for the seats. Since the doors don’t even have grey trim.

It shows equipment and colors for all the various trims available. But no pricing yet. This also doesn’t show anything about the new Prius Prime (that’s coming up in another video soon)

For people who don’t want a PHEV or full EV, this will be a great choice. Although these days, that market is probably also shrinking. Most people are now considering at least a PHEV. If not a full EV.

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  1. Great info here, Vince. I am shocked at the amount of design, money, and effort that Toyota put into this non-CUV body style. So pleasing to my eyes and sensibilities. If other manufacturers would do the same, maybe the sedan wouldn’t be in such a death spiral. Just make them liftbacks! One can only hope the pricing won’t be insane.

  2. This looks hot, many of the awful capacitive touch controls have been dumped and the performance is no longer scary-slow. What else could one want? A better sound system than the current one.

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