Toyota Compact Cruiser.

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The Toyota Compact Cruiser is not out and hasn’t even been confirmed yet, but already has a rather long and strange path.

Back in late 2021, Toyota wanted to show the world they were indeed working on many future EV models and organized an event where they showed tons of electric concepts. Among them was the super cute and rugged-looking Compact Cruiser EV. Something everyone noticed and loved immediately.

Later, Toyota released more photos of the concept. Then some patent designs surfaced and led to even more interest in this possible Toyota competitor to the Ford Bronco Sport. Then nothing for a while…

Last year, at the new Toyota Land Cruiser unveiling, Toyota showed 2 silhouettes in the background image. One was obviously the Land Cruiser SE EV concept we later saw in Japan. But there was also something resembling again the Compact Cruiser. However, we’ve had no news about a small new Land Cruiser family member. Not even as a new or updated concept.

Maybe Toyota is now getting it ready as a Hybrid or PHEV. Maybe it was based on an EV-only platform. Maybe, maybe. And really, who knows? One day this could just pop up at some auto show or a new production model could be introduced. There have been plenty of rumors, even about its name. Like “Compact Cruiser”, or “Land Cruiser FJ”. Other rumors even link the future model to the Toyota Corolla Cross.


What we’ve had for a while are a bunch of illustrations. Nothing real and no statement from Toyota about it even existing or even planned.

Here are a few of them I gathered here for your wise judgment. They all await your criticism and harsh words. I personally think the concept was great and nothing should change. Even the very good-looking top two of this collection aren’t as good as the original in my opinion.

Which one would be your favorite?

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