2025 Cadillac CT5 pricing.

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Cadillac finally announced pricing for the revised 2025 CT5 sedan. And of course, things are more expensive.

While the CT5 was previously available as a base “Luxury” model, the 2025 model skips that base model and starts with the “Premium Luxury” version. The 2024 CT5 Luxury model started at $ 38,400. While the Premium Luxury started at $ 42,800. The 2025 Premium Luxury now starts at $ 47,600. About a $5000 premium over last year’s model.

What do you get for your $5000? You get a new front end and redesigned rear lights (barely). Inside you get a fantastic new 33-inch curved screen. But the rest of the interior is pretty much the same. And a couple of safety features are now part of the standard Premium Luxury version. Engine choices are the exact same as before, with a 2.0 Liter Turbo or a 3.) Liter V6 Turbo. It’s not like you’re getting the V6 standard for your extra $5000.

The interior started looking a bit old and the giant curved screen is a big improvement. But no one would have been insulted by a truly all-new interior, especially after almost 6 years. The most controversial part of the design didn’t get fixed. That cheap-looking black plastic part of the C-pillar is still there, instead of a proper small glass window.

However, even after a $5000 price hike, the Cadillac CT5 is still a bargain in the mid-sized luxury car segment. At under $ 48,000, it is cheaper than the base Genesis G80 by over $6000. It is $ 10,000 cheaper than the base Audi A6.

And it is, after all, a very nice driving car…

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