Cadillac CT4 V series test drive.

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The “V series” version of the Cadillac CT4 sedan is mostly a sporty package upgrade to the regular model. And not a “true” V model which is now called “Blackwind”.

The V series looks just like the regular CT4, except for its lack of chrome, wheel designs, and a few “sporty bits” here and there. The look is very subtle and quite upscale, which is something I personally appreciate since it reminds me of myself.

Same thing inside. Where the CT4 interior could now be described as “classic” since it is now 5 years old. But really, there is everything you need. Of course, things would look a bit better and more impressive if Cadillac had decided to include the large curved screen from the 2024 XT4 and CT5, but it’s still a very nice interior. Things are very solid and nicely put together. Although the back seat is still pretty tight.

The first thing you notice when you get in is how low the seats are. Even if you raise them up, every time you step into the car it feels like you’re falling into something. Which I guess can be described as sporty by many, or uncomfortable by others.

The seats are also quite narrow. Even with the electric adjustments set at the “widest” setting, these are definitely sporty seats. Which is just fine since you ordered the sportier version.

The 14-speaker Bose stereo sounds very nice and is a pleasure on long musical trips.

The V series comes with many different drive modes, indicated on the dash by the little logo at the bottom of the screen. For some reason, ordering AWD costs $500 but deletes the Magnetic Ride Control, which means the ride cannot be adjusted like the steering or the brakes. Which is really weird. Since my car had AWD, the ride was always pretty firm, but never really uncomfortable.

There is a “V” switch that makes everything just too firm. And adds noise, which I just hate. As it is, the big 2.7 4 Cylinder engine isn’t the quietest thing when you start it up in the morning, but quickly settles down.

The Cadillac CT4 V series is just a lot of fun to drive. it always has plenty of power, handles very nicely, and really feels like a refined 4 door Camaro, since these 2 are based on the same platform.

While gas mileage is rated at 20/28MPG, I was only able to get around 15/16 around town. And over 30MPG on the highway. So there seems to be an MPG penalty over the regular CT4.

The CT4 V series might not be a “real V”, but it has tons of personality and puts a smile on your face. Which is something very rare these days.

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  1. Where I work we had one for sale and the salesmen drove it every day. It was the favorite for on the lot for the couple months it was in.

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