Toyota X-Van.

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Toyota showed a really cool-looking van concept last year called the X-Van. It had a very original and borderline weird design that reminded me of a modern-day Honda Element. At 186 inches long, it is about 4 inches longer than a Toyota RAV-4 and much shorter than the Toyota Sienna minivan. That means there would be plenty of room for something like this in Toyota’s US lineup. And the “too small for the US” excuse wouldn’t really work. Although this also looks very much like a Japanese market-only product…

As you can see from the images above, the X-van was conceived with different versions in mind, each targeting a different lifestyle. Which is a fun idea.

There is definitely a 1980’s or 1990’s Japanese car vibe here. Something original, not too big, and fun. It also seems it could be affordable.

I really think something like this with a hybrid powertrain standard and an affordable price could find quite an audience in the US. The patent drawings above were filed this month and probably show the production version. Which to me looks exactly the same as the concept.

Let’s hope Toyota finds it in its heart to bring this over here…

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  1. You wont have to chant “kill it with fire!”. Its sales will do that. They should name it Crown Van, so all their recent failures can stay under one familial name.

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