2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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Here is a new batch of 2025 Toyota RAV-4 illustrations. It seems, most illustrators are guessing Toyota will pull a 2025 Camry with the new RAV-4 and will not come up with an all-new generation. Which, I think, would be a big mistake.

. The first illustrations show a much more modern total redesign of the RAV-4. Something we all hope for.

. The second one shows a weirdo facelift. Where some sort of Land Cruiser-inspired front end seems to be crafted onto the current body. For a disturbing result.

. The third image shows the same idea. Although the modified parts seem to be taken from the Toyota Crown Sport SUV, which is not sold in the US. It would be another strange solution with even stranger results.

. The 4th illustration shows what happens if you force the new Land Cruiser front end on the current RAV-4 design. Something that, again, would look pretty ghastly. Like a Frankenstein monster idea of a Toyota SUV.

. The last image is another take on the “Rav-4 with a Crown face” idea. That would still be really bad. Although some would say the 2025 Camry is basically a 2017 model with a 2023 Prius face. And that was a bad idea….

No one has seen anything about the 2025 RAV-4. While we had seen 2025 Camry spy shots a few months before it came out. Toyota had also been very secretive about the 2023 Prius, with spy shots only surfacing about 2 weeks before the launch of the car. Maybe that’s a clue about the 2025 RAV-4 being all new?

Which one of the illustrations above is your favorite?

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  1. Knowing Toyota, the RAV4 update wont be nearly as earth shatteringly different as the illustrators have made it. Look at the Camry – you can very clearly see the old Camry, and the same is likely for the RAV4 update. It’ll get some of that 2-piece rear bumper look, like the Camry. The rest is going to be minor attemps to disguise the same sheet metal and an adaptation of the new Tacoma’s face – which isn’t all that different.

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