2025 Toyota Camry.

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Unlike the new Subaru Forester, the 2025 Toyota Camry is even worse in real life. Although we’ve already seen it in photos, the real thing is even more of a disappointment in person. It looks so much like the previous model, making you wonder why it is even referred to as a new generation.

The car looks basically the same as before, except for the 2023 Prius-influenced front end, although it still keeps its giant mouth, which doesn’t really work with the slimmer lights. That giant grille/mouth is now more ridiculous than ever.

Even with an all-new dashboard, the familiar vibe continues inside. The new dash is quite generic and the quilted-like fabric covering part of it and the door panels is not the classiest thing. At least it’s not some super fake wood trim or piano black plastic. Speaking of piano black trim, it now covers most of the dashboard…

Something I noticed while going through photos of the current model is the lack of an interior door trim on the door frame for 2025. It is shown in the photo above. The blue car I saw on the show floor shows the blue paint from the door frame’s metal part inside. While the current Camry seems to have it covered by a black trim piece. Could that be some subtle cost-cutting?

And if so, what else is missing for 2025?

Another thing about Toyota at the Los Angeles Auto Show: they didn’t have the new 2024 Land Cruiser! I was really looking forward to seeing the new retro design in person, but no…

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  1. Vince, that is an interesting catch when it comes to the interior trim. I wonder if this is a pre-production thing, or if it is some cost-cutting. I personally don’t think it is a big deal, but I know that too many automotive journalists will give Toyota a free-pass on this, but if they saw exposed paint on other brand of car, they would have a fit.

  2. I think anyone that buys this is going to find much more hidden cost cutting. ie. the trunk release button by the license plate (via proximity key) is now gone also. Something has to pay for that large glass roof that no one asked for. But I agree – seeing the paint color on the door frames from inside is a sign of things to come. Then automakers wonder why people are leaving sedans: 1) they started getting much much lower/harder to get into, but they made them longer so they could claim the total room was increased – even if you can’t sit upright in them or have to do the limbo to get in 2) extreme cost cutting, when everyone really is wanting the opposite – and they can get both in an SUV. Claiming its “aero” is BS. They dont have the same issues for SUVs. But then, the sedans are there to allow the SUVs to be awful. They could make a taller more appointed sedan, and improve the airflow under the cars – which a lot of Japanese makers haven’t really addressed – especially in their sedans.

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