2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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Toyota will unveil a new generation RAV-4 in a few months as a 2025 model.

There have been a few illustrations already, although no prototypes of the new SUV have been caught yet. The illustrations above show what could be a worst-case scenario. Basically showing a mid-cycle facelift with a redesigned interior instead of a real new generation. And that, after over 5 years of production.

Which is basically what the 2025 Toyota Camry is. The exact same car with a new front end, rear lights, and redesigned interior. Which is not a new generation at all. It seems this is what Toyota might do with the “new” 2025 RAV-4

. The illustrations above show the same car we’ve had for 5 years, with a redesigned front end. One that tries really hard to resemble the new Toyota Land Cruiser. It ends up looking like a Frankenstein version of a current RV-4 that is trying what too had to look like the Land Cruiser. Which is actually a bit sad…

The interior seems to follow the same recipe as the 2025 Camry, where things are mostly new. but also a miserable mix of many other Toyota models, from the BZ4x to the Crown sedan. Something like this could mean terrible news for the RAV-4. I see why Toyota did its best to save money on the Camry since sedans aren’t the most popular choice these days. But the RAV-4 is their best seller. With 435,000 sold last year alone! Which is also a big jump from 367,000 in 2022. I would really be surprised if Toyota didn’t throw some real money at such a hugely popular model.

I guess we can also expect the Hybrid powertrain to be standard, with a PHEV as the only option.

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  1. No way will they do to the RAV4 what they did with the Camry. They didn’t bother fully reinventing the Camry because of the limited competition in the segment and how well the current generation Camry still sells. Meanwhile, the RAV4 is in one of the most competitive segments. It won’t just be a new front end and terrible bZ4x mess of an interior like these lazy renderings suggest. Evolutionary styling? Perhaps…but def a fully new body.

  2. I don’t believe at all that this is the new rav-4. Not at all. Toyota isn’t that stupid. I hope not. Interior looks nice, but we don’t see the back end. Please don’t be that front end. Looks like weird model put together with random parts or sorts. Looks like a want to be old Tacoma. Aftermarket too.

  3. I really hope Toyota finds that sales start suffering on account of this pure laziness in what is supposed to be a full sheet redesign. Pretty sure they will continue to sell based on reliability and reputation alone though.

  4. The CR-V has more head room in the front, and more leg room in the back. It’s much easier for older people to get in and out of. Toyota should correct these features in their 2025 re-design.

  5. At this point in EV development, Toyota absolutely will do a refresh, not a full redesign. They have their hybrid platform and just like the Camry, it will be an update but they’ll call it ALL NEW. The BZ’s trajedy is what Toyota is betting for their slow to roll BEVs.

  6. As someone who just bought a 2024 RAV4 Hybrid XSE, I hope Toyota does a full redesign. That may sound crazy since a redesign will most likely cause my resale value to drop a little… but hey, it’s a Toyota, it won’t be much. I am not a fan of the current state of EVs and Toyota has shown that they are leaning in to their hybrid technology over EV. Hybrids remove the negative aspects of EVs such as range anxiety and waiting forever at charging stations on road trips. A redesign will show that they are not rushing to make the RAV4 an EV.

  7. “It seems this is what Toyota might do with the “new” 2025 RAV-4” Why? Because someone on the internet with no imagination made a few pictures Photoshop? The RAV-4 is one Toyota’s most important vehicles and they know it. No way they go cheap on a redesign. The Camry still sells well, but they know that will not continue, so why drop big bucks doing a total redesign. Looking forward to the reveal and I hope the new interior looks better and worth the money they charge.

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