2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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I have compiled a few illustrations showing different design possibilities for the new 2025 Toyota RAV-4. A few days ago, I posted the illustration above showing what a facelift similar to what the 2025 Camry received would look like on the RAV-4. With the same model as the current generation receiving a redesigned front and a new interior.

This would be the worst-case scenario and would not really bring a new generation for the 2025 model year. Just like the 2025 Camry is not a new generation. The illustration on top shows what an all-new design could look like. Something that is actually more realistic since the RAV-4 is a best seller for Toyota and they will probably spend the money on an all-new design. That illustration shows what they call an evolution. Which is basically what many manufacturers do these days. Although, I remember the current RAV-4 was a total departure from the previous generation. And that older generation was still very popular when the current model came out. Toyota pulled quite a gutsy move by totally changing the RAV-4 in 2018. Should they do it again in 2025? Or should they be careful and not “rock the boat” too much?

These 2 illustrations show what a more daring redesign could look like for the 2025 RAV-4. While still looking familiar, the bottom pic shows something that starts looking a lot like the Toyota bZ4X. While quite modern, I think this isn’t as daring as what they did with the current generation back in 2018. The current design gave the RAV-4 a much more off-road angular look that was totally missing from the previous generation.

These last illustrations show what the next-generation Toyota RAV-4 could look like if Toyota went nuts and decided to offer a really modern redesign. Which we know will not be happening. These 2 looks a bit like the recent EV concepts we saw from Toyota like the fantastic FT-3e. Although these are a bit futuristic, this is after all, 2024…

I think we will see a new design later this year and not just a new front end. While the Camry is still popular, sales are not increasing. Over 290,000 Camrys sold last year is great, but still a bit lower than in 2022 and 2021. While the RAV-4 sales numbers are increasing, from 377,741 in 2022 to 434,943 last year. The second-best year of the current generation, after 5 years on the market.

Toyota will probably spend the money on a new model, and could also make the hybrid powertrain standard, like they just did with the 2025 Camry. Something the competition hasn’t done yet. However, it is a matter of time until the Honda Accord and CR-V follow suit.

It’s hard to guess what the next RAV-4 will actually look like since Toyota isn’t as predictable as they were.

Which one of these would be your favorite?

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