2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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These illustrations show what the 2025 Toyota RAV-4 could look like. And they seem to show a worst-case scenario.

This is exactly what Toyota just did with the 2025 Camry. A new front end and slightly revised rear lights. At the same time, the interior is mostly new. While I almost understand why Toyota didn’t spend tons of cash on redesigning a new sedan, the RAV-4 is their best seller and a new generation needs to be “new”. Or at least, “look” new to potential buyers.

Toyota did a great job at reinventing the Prius for 2023, and it has been noticed by everyone. The 2025 Camry is a very lazy job. The Camry is still a very popular model for Toyota, with over 290,000 units sold last year alone. An amazing number for a car that came out in 2017. The Honda Accord sold about half that amount in 2022, and yet, Honda found the money for an all-new design.

The RAV-4 is a huge hit with 435,000 sold last year. Again, this is for a model that came out in 2018! I think it would be a huge mistake for Toyota to come up with yet another fake “new generation”. The 2025 RAV-4 deserves an all-new design.

While Toyota has been officially very critical of EVs, they are actually spending tons of money on them and new battery technology. They are obviously pushing what they have right now like a car dealer pushing what they currently have on the lot. All that money spent on future EVs could explain a lame facelift for the 2025 RAV-4. As they know it will be the last ICE generation. As soon as Toyota is ready with their EVs, they will be pushing them instead of hybrids.

Still, they obviously don’t need to re-invent the RAV-5 for 2025, but making it different enough to appeal to even more buyers wouldn’t be such a bad thing. The competition doesn’t sit still and even GM now has a really great-looking Chevrolet Equinox for 2025.

Let’s really hope for something much better than the illustrations above…

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  1. That’s pathetic… looks like a baby Grand Highlander. That for sure is boring AF. They should have made it more aggressive like the Land Cruiser & 4-Runner….. this best not be real shiz…. Where do you get the numbers for amount of units sold, I would like to know please.

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