2025 Toyota Camry in China.

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The Chinese 2025 Toyota Camry seems to be the same as our North American market model. Although the silver car pictured here seems to have a slightly more subtle front end than what will be offered here, even on the basic LE model.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a different story inside. The newer photos show a bit more of the differences between the two markets. While the Chinese version‘s screen is not as well integrated into the dashboard as the North American version, I for once, actually like it a bit better. It seems a lot more subtle than our model, especially in the bottom photo, where the screen seems larger. (Or maybe it’s just not “ON”).

The steering wheel seems a bit more upscale too, and the shifter also seems new and shorter.

I still think these changes make the 2025 Camry a bit more upscale, which it might be in China. I also noticed the inside part of the door frame seems to be padded with black plastic in the Chinese version. Something I personally noticed is missing in the US 2025 Camry model where the colored metal shows inside. ( I showed this in a video shot at the Los Angeles Auto Show a few weeks ago).

Even with the “tablet screen” I think the Chinese Camry has a nicer interior than the current Honda Accord. A car that is a bit of a disappointment and not as good as the previous generation in so many ways. I just think the more understated yet more modern Camry interior would have worked better there as well. And would have made the Camry a more obvious better choice over the Accord.

I guess we’ll never know. Unless they are keeping this for the US in a couple of years as part of a 2nd facelift. As part of another inexpensive way to keep the 2017 Camry design alive even longer…

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  1. Okay they do look different, but I do think the American one actually looks better. Especially because it appears the Chinese version employs a touch panel and the American is actual buttons. Also the Chinese version doesn’t have a volume knob. No thank you!

  2. If this was a Chinese Camry the steering wheel would be on the right not left like in the USA.

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