2025 Toyota Camry.

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For some odd reason, the Chinese market version of the new 2025 Toyota Camry has a slightly redesigned front end.

The lower grille has a different design that is close to the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia. The black plastic area under the hood seems a bit thicker too.

We’ve already seen the Chinese Camry interior, which also has a different dashboard design. These seem weird small changes that not many people would notice. Changes that wouldn’t make a difference. I understand different markets have different tastes but these tiny modifications don’t seem to make any meaningful difference.

I guess Toyota has plenty of money to spend on stuff like this.

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  1. If Toyota has plenty of money, then they should have completely redesigned the car. I will never even look at this car as a result. My hard earned $$$ deserve an actual manufacturer effort. That said, the Chinese lower grille looks better imo.

  2. I think the Crown should be marketed as the Avalon Crown [sedan[ and the Avalon Crown [suv fomerly Venza] sold as its own make at Toyota dealers.

  3. Is that the base model? Looks terrible if anything they should have just kept the same design and updated the interior. This looks like a ugly crossover between the Prius and Corolla.

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