2025 Toyota Camry. Chinese market.

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The Chinese market version of the new 2025 Toyota Camry looks pretty much the same as our model outside.

But the interior is different, for some odd reason. It seems the top part of the dashboard has been completely redesigned. The screen is not integrated at all and looks more like the floating tablet style. The center vents seem to be gone too, as well as the climate controls. The shifter is also a different design.

It seems it would be quite costly to revise so many interior parts. They must have done some research and found out that potential Chinese customers hated the new interior, maybe?

Who knows…

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  1. I’m officially calling the trend of a swoosh on the passenger side cockpit-to-dash (ala Acura Integra) over as a trend. Keep moving people. Nothing to see here. Tell your friends and neighbors.

  2. The center vents are still there, you just can’t see them due to the shadows/darkness. Same spot as the other interior. Interestingly, the trim piece just below the screen houses touch capacitive controls for temp etc like what is seen on the Nissan Ariya.

  3. The black grill (instead of the body color painted grills) make it look more pointed at the front and brings out the hammerhead design, which I prefer. +1 Chinese Camry

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