2024 Toyota Camry video.

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The 2024 Toyota Camry is like a bad Christmas present. A major disappointment after months of waiting for something special.

The interior seems to be an improvement, but not the exterior of the car which is 90% the same as the old Camry we’ve seen everywhere since 2017. And there’s that obvious cost-cutting. Of course, a fake rear-side window never looks good. But missing window trims while not a huge deal, really does not help selling a new interior…

Watch the short video and tell me what you think of the new Camry. Are you in the market for a sedan, and would you buy one?

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  1. The painted inner door frame is a common feature on standard sedans (and lots of cars). There is often a piece of black plastic at the top to cover the weld; some makers paint the inner frame in black regardless of the exterior color. It appears Toyota might have done that on the older variants, but the new one just gets body color and the plastic weld cover.

  2. After seeing the new Prius, I was really expecting soooo much more for the new Camry, and was soooo disappointed to see the final product. I really thought after the introduction of the new Accord, that I would finally like the Camry better, but alas no, it wasn’t meant to be. Come on Mazda, bring back the Mazda 6, you’re my only hope.

  3. I like it. Sure the door panels are the same, but aside from that, it still looks new and fresh. At least it has some style and personality, unlike the Accord which is just a long rectangle with zero interest.

  4. I’m currently in a Honda dealership having some work done. The Accords in the showroom also have paint. Each is the other’s perennial competition. If it’s good enough for one then it’s good enough for the other

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