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Just a few more photos of the new Kia K4 sedan. This time in grey instead of the light green we’ve seen everywhere. With a green and black combo interior. The grey will probably end up being much more popular since everyone seems to buy grey cars these days.

It’s hard to tell if this is a K4 GT Line model like the one we’ve seen before. The only one so far. The interior doesn’t seem to have any of the partial white trim the black interior has. However, the trim on the dashboard seems the same as on the green GT Line.

In these new photos with the green interior, you can tell the passenger door design is a bit different from the driver’s, with no black trim on the top of the passenger door. The driver’s door’s black trim follows the top of the dashboard which is also black on the driver’s side. An interesting and original touch. Something you can’t notice in the black interior.

The Kia K4 will be available in a few months with a base 2.0 Liter engine or an optional 1.6 Liter Turbo. Like so many other Kia and Hyundai models from the past few years.

Not I’d really like to see more photos of the K4 “5DR” hatchback version in other colors as well…

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  1. The interior is very linear in a retro kind of way. I do hope, these manufacturers will maybe look back to the 60’s/70’s to see how those big instrument panels were given some flair. I dont really care for the big screens just tacked on. Do something with it!

  2. the striking design looks so unfinished without the normal rear door handles. Why would any designer think this design looks good. I would not buy this vehicle solely due to the door handle issue.

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