Kia K4.

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Kia just released a few photos of the all-new Kia K4 sedan, without really officially unveiling the car yet…

We will see the whole thing next week at the New York Auto Show. For now, we can already tell the new K4 looks a lot like the EV4 electric sedan concept we saw last year, with a general design feel inspired by the Kia EV9. It also looks quite a bit larger than the Forte it replaces. This makes sense since the K5 and Sonata are not scheduled to get the next generation. This means in a couple of years, the K4 could be the only sedan offered by Kia, at least in the US.

So far it looks really interesting and much more exciting than the good old Honda Civic. The Civic is getting a refresh for the 2025 model year, but it is very minor and will not change much. Except for the new Hybrid versions.

We have no specs on the K4 yet. The prototype we saw in the past few months looked like it had a regular truck, and the K4 could turn out to be one of these super sleek fastback sedans with a ridiculous small truck opening instead of a proper hatch.

Let’s hope not…

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  1. Hopelessly hideous. The mostly obscure Mazda3 sedan is definitely the supermodel in this segment.

  2. What a terrible bunch of origami folded c$@p. I find the Civic more modern and clean. I dont love the Civic taillights, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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