2025 Kia K5

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At least from these early images, I’m not sure the revised 2025 model is an improvement over the current Kia K5.

t seems mostly a case of “change for the sake of change”. The new zig-zag pattern on the front LED lights looks a bit too weird for me. And I’ve never been a fan of these tears lie rear lights. Like the ones on the current Camry or the bZ4X. It’s just being odd instead of original, and trying way too hard.

The interior does seem cleaner than before. The whole dashboard is new and cleaner.

This will help the Kia K5 survive a few more years before that ax. The current K5 and Sonata are scheduled to be in their last generation.

With only around 66,000 sold last year, the Kia K5 sold far less than the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, which is expected. But even the Nissan Altima beat it badly with 140,000 units sold. I guess, 66,000 sales is still 66,000 sales…

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  1. Definitely not an improvement over a today’s great looking K5. Ugh. Those taillights remind me of the terrible taillights on the fourth gen Prius that Toyota had to do an emergency redesign on.

  2. The digital dash looks great, and much more contemporary as well as the revised shift actuator, which has actually been in the home market K5, ever since this gen was released. That said, the exterior is ruined by the front and rear changes. It just looks horrible imo.

  3. I currently own the 2021 k5 and I love it. The dealer has been calling me to upgrade to a newer model, but I haven’t seen anything significant to make me want to upgrade. This 2025 model exterior is Not a winner, I still will not trade in my vehicle for the 2025 model. It does not look better.

  4. The only upgrade that is worth a second look is the dual dashboard. Unfortunately the exterior doesn’t appeal to the current K5 owners or new buyers.

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