Kia K4.

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The all-new Kia K4 sedan is finally coming soon. We’ve seen tons of spy shots of the new car over the past few months, and the real thing will be shown to us on March 21st.

It will replace the Kia Forte in North America. Although from the various spy shots we’ve seen, it seems much larger than the Forte, and almost as long as the K5. It also seems much more modern, almost futuristic. Unfortunately, that very steep fastback shape will probably not translate into a proper hatchback, which is a shame.

Good to see a giant sunroof in the teasers above. There is no news about powertrains. But my guess is it will have at least a Hybrid option. Although I think it would be a good move for Kia to make the Hybrid standard over a PHEV model as an option. This already looks like a pretty large sedan and could easily compete with some versions of the 2025 Toyota Camry. It is a Hybrid model only.

We will see more very soon. And maybe something before the March 21st official date. Why not…

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  1. Looks like this new K4 is going to be the “Pontiac Aztek” of modern mainstream compact sedans. The current Forte may not be the most exciting design, but it looks much more attractive than this awkwardly proportioned and bizarrely styled mess. I thought the current Elantra was a disastrous eyesore, but it looks like a supermodel compared to this deformed monstrosity.

  2. Other than the odd vertical line on the c-pillar I think it looks just fine. Still think replacing Forte and Sonata with K4 and k5 is a mistake, however. Names much easier to remember than alphanumeric gobbledygook.

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