2025 VW ID.UNYX.

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We’ve mentioned the new VW ID.UNYX a few weeks ago. Today we got to see a bit of the interior of the new VW EV.

As you can see, the new ID.UNYX is basically a 2024 Cupra Tavascan with a new front end. That front end is mostly a new bumper and revised lights.

Although things seem a bit more different inside, however, the console seems to be the main difference between the Chinese VW and the European Cupra model. As well as the lower part of the dashboard connecting to that console. These changes seem enough to make sure the revised interior doesn’t look like a Klingon spaceship anymore. Now it looks more like any other VW EV interior. Good job VW…

The new ID. UNYX is VW’s way to introduce Cupra models to the Chinese market, without offering a new brand itself. This is not what they will do for the US market, where VW is scheduled to introduce a whole new Cupra brand to our market. For some odd reason, since no one here has heard of a car brand named “Cupra”. At least “Scout” was a bit familiar to a few in the US. But Curpa might be quite an uphill battle….

Another extremely smart decision from the giant VW conglomerate. One that is always seemingly extremely unaware of our market market. (It started by “Americanizing” the first-generation Gold in the 70’s). Supplying what seems like an endless flow of blunders in the US.

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  1. I know this post is about the interior, but I can’t get over the fact that the new face looks like an evil jack-o-lantern. The interior is certainly cleaned up from the Cupra’s Klingon battlecruiser motif.

    you gotta laugh at VW and its BS

  2. @CX… OK, I’m sitting in a medical building surrounded by a bunch of old people (myself included) when read the “Klingon Battle Cruiser” comment. Old people like myself can die laughing from comments like that… Wow!

  3. I definitely laugh at VW and it’s BS. I have never once even entertained the thought of owning a VW. Never will either, especially after Dieselgate emissions scandal.

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