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Guess what? There’s another Chinese market-only VW model! It’s the ID family’s member’s newest offspring, the ID. Unyx!

The new ID model will be built with one of VW’s Chinese partners and is the first of a few new models. I wonder if VW will also claim “in China, for China”, as they do for the upcoming new ID concept.

Since, as you can see, the new ID. Unyx isn’t very Chinese at all. It is just a Cupra Tavascan with a redesigned bumper and a gold VW logo. They didn’t even redesign the hood.

I guess VW decided not to introduce the Cupra brand in China, and just sell these models as VWs. This explains their claim of new ID models following this since Cupra is working on a few more EVs.

I wonder if VW’s claim of a new design language for the Chinese ID family will just end up looking very much like future Cupra models.

This is also another VW connection between the US and China where VW is trying really hard to sell many similar models. This new ID. Unyx will probably be the first Cupra we will be getting in North America within a year or two.

I’m not exactly sure when Cupra will start selling cars over here, but this looks a lot like the current Lexus NX. A car that came out in 2021…

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