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On April 25th, VW will show an all-new EV concept in China. It will preview an all-new model from the ID Family of EVs. So far, from what we can see in the teaser above, it does look really sleek. Something reminiscent of the Polestar 3, maybe.

In any case, this already looks more modern than any current ID models like the ID.4 we have here. Or the upcoming ID.7 sedan. Maybe a brand new ID design language is on its way? At least in China.

VW mentioned that the development of the new model has been done “in China, for China”. Every single car manufacturer seems to be involved in huge efforts to kiss up to the Chinese market these days, which is the largest in the world. It seems the North American and European markets have become afterthoughts.

In the last few years, Chinese customers have been more and more interested in buying cars from Chinese brands than ever before. Making it tougher every year for foreign brands to compete in an increasingly patriotic market. I guess constantly mentioning your products are designed and engineered specifically does help. Like Honda is doing with their new Ye EVs.

Even if the concept above was mainly conceived for China, a sleeker ID model would be welcome over here. The ID.4 is actually quite nice. But it’s actually about 4 years old already. I’m sure VW is already working on a replacement.

None of VW’s current Chinese products are truly missed here. (Except maybe the ID.7 S). They all seem to look even worse than what they offer in the US. But the concept above really needs to preview a global model. Quick…

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  1. Its VW. You know they’re going to screw it up by putting the same Nintendo game controller looking instrument cluster into it, or something similar, or being dull as dirt outside just like all their SUVs. They can’t help themselves.

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