2025 VW ID.4 ?

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It looks like the VW ID.4 is getting a few changes for the Chinese market. Which could mean something new in North America for the 2025 model year. Or not. This could just be another version called “X”. Or a different model made by one of VW’s local partners.

Let’s hope these changes don’t come over here. The new front headlights look a bit weird with the extended bit into the fender. And our tail light design looks much nicer too. It also seems like the Chinese version has a very different rear end with a higher tailgate. Maybe due to local regulations?

The revised VW ID.4 starts at $ 27,000 in China and goes all the way to $ 38,000. Which is much cheaper than in the US where it starts at almost $39 000.

The Tesla Model Y starts at $ 37,500 in China. And even at these low prices, the ID.4 is having a hard time competing with the more expensive Model Y over there.

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  1. waiting for VW’s announcement of “NEW” ID4. ie. same as old ID4. Can you find the hidden differences?

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