Tesla Model Y project Juniper

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These are of course not the real thing. However, I am quite amazed at the realism of these 3D illustrations. Showing the upcoming revised Model Y, code-named Juniper.

We already know that the Tesla Model Y getting some changes in the next few months. The illustrations above assume the exterior of the car will see the same changes we just saw on the Model 3. Which could be wrong. Although using the same front end and lights for both models would be logical.

New rumors include the possibility of a Q2 2024 official reveal. With prototypes starting testing before the end of the year. And of course, the new hardware 4.0 and new cameras. On top of all the changes we’ve already seen on the Model 3. Which includes an all-new interior.

Any update to the Model Y is a huge deal since it is Tesa’s best seller with over 127 000 of them sold between January and April 2023. While Tesla is currently not offering the cheaper $47 000 model Y anymore (probably due to the Cybertruck starting production in Texas), the loaded long-range version is $50 500. A huge price drop from a year ago when it was at $ 66,000. And an actual cost of $43,000 after Federal Incentives. And under $40,000 after local ones. This means it is actually cheaper than a similarly equipped Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav-4. The revised Model 3 (And the upcoming Model Y refresh) also offers ventilated seats, a glass roof, and a new 17-speaker audio. Something none of its ICE competition offers a the price.

I actually wonder why Tesla chose to introduce the new Model 3 and not the Model Y at the same time. It seems sales would shrink with most users waiting for the updated model.

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