VW ID.7 Tourer video.

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Why don’t you all join me and discover the all-new VW ID.7 Tourer in this less-than-fascinating video.

The Tourer is the wagon version of the ID.7 EV sedan. While the ID.7 will soon be available in the US, the station wagon (and that’s what it is, a station wagon…) will not make it over here. I think it does look better than the sedan, which is quite anonymous in person. Although the wagon does look a lot like a lower ID.4.

VW has not released US pricing on the ID.7 yet. It will be competing against the $39,000 Tesla Model 3, and the Hyundai Ioniq 6, which starts at around $42,000. While the smaller Model 3 is loaded for its base price, the Ioniq 6 goes all the way up to over $ 50,000. My guess is VW will not miss an opportunity to make another mistake and price the ID.7 too high. They could also quickly repeat the same mistake and overprice the ID. Buzz as well.

We will soon know…

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  1. When I look at that interior, I see so many things that would make this a pass… even if I wanted a VW. The wagon though is the more compelling vehicle of the ID brand, to-date.

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