VW ID.7 Tourer.

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The new VW ID7 Tourer is the wagon version of the VW ID.7 EV sedan we saw last year.

If it seems familiar it’s because we’ve seen it before. The ID.7 Tourer is the production version of the VW ID Space Vizzion Concept we saw back in 2019. That’s right, 5 years ago. I remember seeing it at the Los Angeles Auto Show and thinking it looked quite nice. Although not that super modern. Almost 5 years later, the production model is finally here, and looking even a bit less stylish than the concept.

Of course, a production car will be toned down from its concept ancestor, but the ID Space Vizzion was never that futuristic, to begin with.

When comparing the two, you can see they did a good job retaining the nice and sleek wagon profile of the concept. 5 years later… And the interior is generally very similar, but still much cleaner in the concept. At least VW realizes how great that additional small screen is and how good it looks when it’s so well integrated into the dashboard design. However, it seems like they already knew in 2019 that all their future models would use the stupid-looking tablet screen tacked onto the dashboard like a cheap Pep Boys after-market unit. Not only in their new EVs but also in the new Passat and Tiguan. And even in the new VW Golf!

When compared to the ID.7 sedan (bottom pic) the cargo area looks very similar. Of course, since it is a wagon, it is taller, but it doesn’t seem that much roomier back there. This might be a good thing for us since VW has already mentioned the new ID. Tourer is not coming to North America.

The sedan is expected to show up here in the second half of 2024. And an unknown price, but rumors seem to indicate a $ 50,000 starting price for the single motor RWD model with over 300 miles range. That sounds pretty expensive, especially for a car that won’t qualify for federal incentives, but it all depends on standard equipment.

It is larger and roomier than a Model 3 so it’s hard to compare it to the $39 000 Tesla. A basic Hyundai Ioniq 6 starts at $ 42,450. Although it offers a whopping 361 miles range. The loaded Limited model starts at over $ 50,000 with RWD. As usual, it will be interesting to see how VW will price their new EV.

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  1. Mixed feelings. I love a mid sized wagon. I’d never buy a VW when anything else is available… scandals, industry trashtalking CEOs, cheap looking designs, and terrible reliability… what’s NOT to love?

  2. Would it be.too.much as ask to see the back seat up and how much space there is with the back seats up in the trunk?
    And just to see the view of the back seat itself?!

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