2024 Tesla Model 3.

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The revised Tesla Model 3 (code named Highland) is finally available in the US!

There was no official announcement from Tesla, the car just showed up on their site a few hours ago. You would think they’d make a bigger deal about it since tons of fans have been waiting for it to be available over her since it was launched overseas a few months ago.

And it’s all here. The quieter and smoother ride, the new interior, the improved screen, the better sound systems, the rear seat screen, the ventilated seats, the ambient lighting, and even the 2 new colors (Stealth grey and Ultra-red).

The best part is pricing which stays the same as the previous model! However, it seems that in Europe, the revised version was priced at least 1000 Euros more. For $ 39,000, the RWD model is still a loaded car with everything standard. Unlike any of its competition like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 SE sedan which at $42 500 for a base car. No sunroof, high-end sound system, memory seat, or ventilated seat. (Although you do get a much longer range of 361 miles).

The revised Model 3 has been getting glowing reviews in Europe so far, with many calling it the best EV you can buy. It is apparently now a much more comfortable car to live with and drive. And again, all for the same price.

Which makes you feel pretty bad for those who bought one a few days ago. Or worse, yesterday, before Tesla updated the site with the new model. Just imagine…

At $329 a month, it is also one of the best leases available in the US. A Honda Accord Hybrid lease is currently $369 a month! Even a Civic hatchback LX is $249 a month. A basic model with not much…

It will be interesting to see how much of a bump in sales the Model 3 will be getting thanks to the improved version and the low price for what you get. No words yet about the federal incentives being available on the new model. But if they are, a Model 3 could effectively cost less than a loaded Honda Civic Touring hatchback.

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  1. This could very well be the best EV on the market, but their obnoxious CEO makes any Tesla products a no-sale no matter how good they might be.

  2. Granted, that $329/month lease is with $4500 down, or about $8200 due at signing in my state.

    I bet the MSRP is staying the same because less federal EV incentives are available for the Model 3 and Model Y now. Still, I’m glad it had more features!

  3. I agree with the first comment – the Model 3 is a compelling product at a competitive price, but I don’t want to be associated with the image of a company run by that guy.

  4. Looks like any older Tesla. Bad image/attitude CEO not getting richer off me. Hard pass on car and guy, both losers.

  5. The Tesla 3 is the Ford Focus of our time.

    Don’t believe me? If you are in an office and two coworkers got new cars, one Honda Civic and one Tesla 3, certainly everyone is more impressed with the Civic!

    No one would even walk out to the parking lot to see a Tesla. I’m not even saying this on account of it being run by a supervillain.

  6. This is what the 3 needed. The first generation 3 was intended to be a low-priced entry EV. But with an idiotic trade war with China, a global pandemic, a pronounced shift in buyer demand for EV’s, the entire auto industry went spastic, and the market drove the cost of the 3 into luxury territory. Those who embrace engineering and technology bought the 3. Technology laggards, most of us, who don’t care about octovalves, cast stampings, or electromechanical air vents, need to see stuff in front of their own eyes to be swayed. Richer materials found in the S/X, a back seat screen and nightclub lighting should make a huge difference. I’m not sold on the front end design, but the rear looks really sharp. Looking forward to seeing it in real life.

    The pearl clutching over Elon is comical. He’s a socially inept nerd with asperger’s who made it big. Care to tell me which car company isn’t run by a “supervillain?” GM? Toyota? VW? GTFOH with all that. They all lie, cheat, lobby, and basically all suck massively. Especially legacy brands. To buy any car from any company, unless you disregard the executives, there wouldn’t be many options.

  7. While the Model3 has some good freshening in external design and seating, it has lost much of what is essential in a car for operation like a turn signal stalk. Add all the problems you hear about quality, repair costs, and support, and this becomes a pass. I agree that it might be the best BEV at the moment, but the other automakers are getting more focused.

    As an aside, I’d never put money in Musk’s pocket. For all his potential, he’s unbearable. I’d rather have the lowly Honda.

  8. The Turn signal stalk might be deal breaker. We don’t need to relearn everything that was simple before.

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