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I got to see the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 in person at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month.

And it is a very impressive car in real life. Yes, it does look a bit weird from some angles. But in a good way. It just looks like nothing else on the road. It also has a bit of a cool retro feel to it. The interior is fantastic. And very roomy. You quickly realize this is something very special.

It could really compete with mainstream sedans like the Honda Accord. It already makes the 2023 Accord look like a car from the 1980s. And of course, this will compete with Tesla’s Model 3.

The only downside is the trunk opening. This car obviously should have been a hatchback. But it has a regular old fashion sedan trunk instead. The trunk itself might be roomy enough, but the small opening will prevent anyone from loading large objects. Which is a shame.

We know it will come with the same 77.4 kHh battery pack as the Ioniq 5, but the shape of the car makes it even more efficient. (Apparently, the smaller battery offered in the Ioniq 5 will not be available in the new sedan).

That battery pack will get you a 340 miles range on the RWD model And 310 miles with AWD. Which is very competitive with the Tesla Model 3.

The Ioniq 6 will land in the US next Spring. At around the same time, a revised Model 3 will arrive. It’ll be interesting…

So far, we know the Teslas will once again qualify for the federal incentives. While the Hyundais will not. That rebate would bring the Model 3’s price under $40 000. Unless Elon decides to raise the price for the revised model. Like he did when the updated model S came out. ( I think it went up almost $15 000).

A the Auto Show, there were rumors about the Ioniq 6 being priced below the Ioniq 5. Which would be strange since, you know, “6” is above “5”. And the 6 will come standard with the larger battery. The larger battery 2023 Ioniq 5 currently starts at $45 500.

As for the video above, it shows the Ioniq 6 in detail. Another video is coming up soon. Enjoy…

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  1. Why oh why did they make the DRLs and parking lights amber for the US? It will always remind me of seeing late 90s Canadian Dodge Caravans.

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