2024 VW Passat Video

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This is the official video of the new 2024 VW Passat. (With my 2 cents added here and there…)

The new Passat will only be available as a wagon in Europe. Although a sedan version is also coming to the Chinese market. It will not be sold in North America.

The 2024 Passat shares its platform with the new 2024 VW Tiguan, and it now looks like a lower Tiguan. Which is OK I guess…

Do you prefer this over the new Tiguan?

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  1. Not a bad looking car, even if it wont come here. But VW sowed the seeds of their own demise in this country when they started their race to the bottom against Toyota and the Koreans. So we wouldn’t have ever gotten those nice features. The US always got the stripper models and will probably continue to do so until they finally concede and leave our market. RIPassat. Who cares!

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