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This is a short and painless video of the new VW ID. Buzz electric minivan from the Los Angeles Auto Show floor.

The new ID. Buzz is very impressive in person. Sure, it is retro fun but it also looks and feels very high quality everywhere you look and touch. Too bad VW couldn’t find it in their heart to design a screen that fits the super cool and design interior better. Instead, it is the exact same unit they use in all of their EVs.

While it is huge inside, the rear seats don’t fold flat at the same level as the floor. And, unlike the shorter European ID. Buzz, I couldn’t see a way to raise the cargo floor to match the height of the folded seats. Which would be a big problem if you want to camp inside the van. There must be a way, but I just couldn’t see it. (being dumb is such a curse…)

It is scheduled to arrive in the US next year, but probably not before the summer. I’m afraid this won’t be cheap. At all. although it might end up not being more expensive than the Kia EV9. While the EV9 gets noticed by being really weird and ungainly, the ID. Buzz is fun, attractive, retro, and original. Even classy when compared to the heavy-handed Kia.

Sure, it’s a minivan. But it’s also one of the coolest vehicles that will go on sale next year.

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