2025 VW Tiguan.

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As usual, VW still thinks the North American market only likes larger SUVs. Therefore, the all-new 2024 redesigned Tiguan wasn’t for us.

Instead, we are still getting the 7-seater longer version with 3 rows of seats. This new SUV will also replace the Tayron in China. The new Chinese Tayron and North American Tiguan will be the same car. Just like the US and Chinese Passat were a few years ago.

The new Tayron/US Tiguan is basically a longer version of the 2024 European Tiguan (although VW will also sell a 7-seater, longer Tiguan in China, confusing things even more…). Unfortunately, the longer model looks even more conservative than the 2024 European version. It seems like a cross between the current old Tiguan and the new European model. Like if VW was afraid to completely let go of the old Tiguan design. A rather strange decision since the current Tiguan looked already old when it came out back in 2016.

Let’s hope there is a massive improvement in the way it drives as well. I remember test-driving one for a week, years ago, and thinking it was worse than most of its competition. With a rough engine when pushed and a very confused transmission. Among many other things.

Of course, there will be no hybrid or PHEV version of this, at least in the US. Since VW announced years ago that none of that technology was planned for North America.

And you know how that company never changes course, except when they are forced to do so by “the law”…

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  1. VW seems like the kind of car you buy when you want to impress yourself with the idea of driving a big German SUV, but have neither the money for a BMW nor the sense to stay away from VW’s epic reliability and service issues. Why else would someone buy something that makes them yawn?

  2. I respect your opinion however, some people have the sense not to waste money on a vehicle that has just as many, if not more reliability issues and service issues then AW Most importantly, it would make more sense to me not to buy a vehicle that depreciate over 50% in the first two years of ownership. Maybe you should rethink your opinion about Vw’s not trying to impress the neighbor so much when you’re lacking in other areas.

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