2025 VW Tiguan.

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VW Tayron (China)/Tiguan AllSpace (Europe)/Tuguan (US)
European VW Tiguan.
Chinese VW Tayron.

As expected, the redesigned Chinese VW Tayron will look exactly like a longer version of the European new 2024 VW Tiguan. The Tiguan sold in the US was the longer “AllSpace” version of the European version. Now it looks like all 7-seater models will have the same design. In China, Europe and North America. VW usually waits for the LWB model to be ready before they launch the Tiguan in the US since that’s the only version we are getting over here.

I guess it’s all logical to have the same car around the world instead of 3 versions. If VW can learn to be a bit more logical, I guess Mazda can at least try, instead of having the so-called smaller CX60 and CX-80 for Europe and the CX-70 and CX-90 for North America. While these are all basically the same cars.

The new generation Tiguan was introduced in Europe last year, and so far, no official word on when we will see the new model in the US. The current generation Tiguan looked already old when it was introduced back in 2016 and the new generation looks like quite an improvement. Although it has a pretty generic VW interior design shared with the new VW Passat, one that includes the big tablet now used on every single model they sell. (Except the Jetta I guess…)

Of course, VE never changes course and they will not be offering a Hybrid or PHEV version of the new Tiguan in the US. Whenever it shows up…

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