2025 VW Tiguan.

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VW unveiled an all-new generation of the Tiguan SUV for 2024 a few months ago in Europe.

This new model (green car) will stay in Europe while the US and China will get a longer version just like it has been the case with the previous generation VW Tiguan. Although Europe used to get both models, it will now only be getting the shorter version.

The new SUV will replace the Tiguan in the US lineup, and the Tayron in China. From the spy shots above, this new US Tiguan/Tayron looks very similar to the European version, except of course, longer.

I am not sure what engines the new US version will be getting, but VW has already said a few years ago they would not be selling Hybrids or PHEVs in the US. It’s either ICE or EV and nothing in between. Another smart move from VW US…

The new European Tiguan looks pretty attractive but has one of these new super generic VW interior designs with a giant tablet which is basically the same as the new Passat and almost all their upcoming EV models.

As a surprise to on one, US Tiguan sales have been much lower last year with only 71,000 of them sold compared to over 109,000 in 2021. This is expected since the recurrent generation came out in 2016, and basically has been looking old and uninspired ever since.

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