Alpine Sedan.

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2027 Alpine sedan illustration.

As previously mentioned, the French sports car brand Alpine is coming to the US. It is scheduled for 2027, with a whole lineup of all-new EVs.

The first new EV model coming out will be the small Alpine A290, which is a sporty version of the new Renault 5. And that model is not coming to the US. Which is really too bad.

What is scheduled to come over here is the EV replacement to the current gorgeous Alpine A110. As a coupe as well as a convertible. But also, of course, 2 new crossovers. A compact model and a larger one. A third even larger SUV is also rumored for later.

One of the most interesting models will be an all-new EV sedan, which will obviously compete against the Porsche Taycan, at hopefully a more reasonable price, since the revised 2025 Taycan starts at $99,400. However, a smaller and less expensive new Porsche EV sedan has also been rumored for the past few years.

The whole new Alpine lineup already seems very similar to the Porsche lineup. With a new EV Boxter and EV Cayenne all coming within a year or two, by 2027, Porsche and Alpine will have very similar offerings. And again, let’s hope not at similar prices.

Out of all the French brands like Peugeot, Citroen, or Renault, I would have never thought a small Renault Sub-brand like Alpine would ever be sold in the US. I guess positioning it as a cheaper Porsche European alternative could work.

Who knows…

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