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While it seems zero new Tesla models are coming out soon, it appears we might see something after all.

Apparently, crazy Elon Musk teased 3 new models at Tesla’s shareholder meeting this week. (Only 2 shown in the picture above). Of course, nothing was said or explained. Only a quote from the unsavory billionaire saying: “Obviously we’ve got some new products that we’re working on under the covers, I think these are going to be pretty special.” (One of these could be the Cybercab, and another could be a van he’s been mentioning before).

Which is of course saying nothing. The only new product we know of is the CyberCab which will be shown on August 8th. Crazy numbers were thrown around as usual. Like the Robotaxi business worth up to $30 trillion “someday”. Or Tesla building 100 million humanoid robots “someday”. Meanwhile, the only sure thing is a revised Tesla Model Y next year. Nothing all-new…

Let’s see what Tesla really needs.

That compact car they’ve been talking about for so long needs to be a priority. There were rumors earlier of Musk having canceled the project altogether. If that’s true, it needs to be revived ASAP. If only for the survival of the company. In about 2 years, everyone will offer a sub-$30 000 EV. The Chinese market is already offering plenty.

A new 3-row SUV. Again, something most manufacturers will have very soon. Toyota alone is working on 2 all-new 3-row EVs that will be built in the US. Tesla will need to offer something that is cheaper than the Model X. And soon.

I guess the CyberCab is Musk’s new obsession and it will probably reach production, “someday”. I’m not sure this would ever appeal to that many people. But who knows…

And why not a small off-road crossover? What would be wrong with that?

Besides new models, they will really have to consider replacement for the current Model 3 and Model Y pretty soon.

Which one would you like to see?

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  1. It’s a good idea. But so far, Musk has shown that he’s constantly shifting between three of his personalities: gaslighting, catfishing and terrible-2’s. In other words, I dont believe a thing he says, because at this point he’s in a corner and trying to get a huge payout from the company where shareholders already know his BS and are organized against him.

  2. “Besides new models, they will really have to consider replacement for the current” Musk Chaos Machine “pretty soon.”

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