2005 Acura RL

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Again. This is “all new”.

At least it does look much better, and much more modern than the previous model. But compared to what’s out there now, it doesn’t look really great. The new Infiniti M35 has an edge here…

But what you have is a very classy, expensive looking car. And it looks like the Honda designers wanted to show the BMW guys how a trunk is supposed to look like.

You don’t have to exposed the cut line on the side of the car, for everyone to see. Like these monsters on the 6 series. Instead, you can still do it the old fashion way: on top of the trunk, where it’s almost invisible.

The best part about that car is the stunning interior design. It is one of the most modern one in the industry. And probably, one of the best made anywhere.

Everything is there, navigation, DVD audio, satellite radio, bluetooth phone connection, live traffic reports, and even a noise cancellation system that works like the headphones you can find in 1st class airplanes!!!!

And guess what? The interior is where you spend your time.

At the most, you might see the exterior of you car a couple of minutes evey day.

That console design alone would make me get that car.

It’s just the kind of futuristic stuff we were dreaming about when we were kids…

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