2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

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Was there really a need for this. The regular V6 Accord has 240hp and this has 255hp.

Do you really need to pay an extra $2000 or $3000 for the hybrid technology?

Even with the better mileage, it should take you at least 4 years to make that money back.

And an Accord V6 can actually be bought way under sticker. Not the “limited production” Hybrid.

So the real difference in price might turn up to be well over $5000!!!

And, unlike the Toyota Prius, the Accord hybrid doesn’t even look special.

These pictures are of the Hybrid, NOT the regulat model. I just can’t tell them apart.(except for the ugly “spoiler” and the red lights)

So , you won’t save money and you can’t show off.

What the point?

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