2004 Holden Torana concept

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That Australian concept looks pretty close to production to me.

Except for maybe that huge glass top.

Looks like it is based on that new rear wheel drive platform GM is working on. It will be used on a few of their brands around the world.

They showed us this platform first, a couple of years ago with the German Opel Insignia concept. That is supposed to become the new top of the line Opel for the European market. But you can tell the Torana looks much closer to production.

Then came the Buick Velite Concept last year. Another tease of what a good looking Buick could be like. ( GM’s been doing that for years…)

Suposely, these 3 concepts have a good chance of becoming reality.

They’d better hurry up, because they look pretty modern now, but that’s about it. In 2 or 3 years time, they’ll almost look boring to most people…

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