2005 Opel Tigra TwinTop

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Antother cool car made by an American company we can’t get in the US!

Opel of Germany is a GM brand. And the all new Twintop is the coupe/convertible version of the regular (and pretty conservative) Tigra sub-combact hatchback.

It is one of the (now) many hard top convertible cars sold in Europe.

Being based on an existing model, the interior is OK, but not great. But the attraction here is the cool retractable top that turns that little coupe into a convertible in seconds.

The best part of the deal is the price, just a bit over $21000, including high European taxes. So it could be actually less than $18000 before taxes.

Don’t tell me that GM can’t find a way to bring this over here, if they really want to.

There have been recent talks about bringing Opel designed cars under the Saturn name.

Wouldn’t that Tigra make a cool small Saturn???

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