2006 Pontiac Torrent

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The 2006 Torrent will come out in the spring of 2006. And it doesn’t look that modern now!

All it is, is a warmed up version of the Chevrolet Equinox, that was introduced a few months ago.

From that illustration, it looks like only the front end has been redesigned! What a cheap way to create a new model.

GM is back to their old tricks. That’s how they pretty much killed their brand names. By offering the same cars under 4 or 5 brands.

The Torrent will replace the Aztek in the line up.

As you can see, there will not be much reason to get the Pontiac over the current Chevrolet model. One might hope for a new interior….

Engines, body etc… Pretty much everything is the same.

Don’t they have enough money saved up to give each brand their own designs???

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