New SAABS !!!!

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Saab made a press presentation a while ago, where they showed this illustration of their next top of the line model. Which is now the aging, and very conservative 9.5.

Well… These look nothing like the 9.5.

But they are, after all illustraions created to make them look good. To tell us that the company “has a future”…

After putting out crap like the 9.2 (A re- badged Subaru) and the 9.7 (A re-badged Chevrolet truck!), they want people to know they have “great stuff” coming.

These look like could be based on the platform GM will se for the big Opel. But that’s a rear wheel drive, so Saab would use the all wheel drive version of it.

By the way, the lower pic shows the wagon version of the car. More on this later…

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