AMC that never was…

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This is an amazing picture of the AMC Pacer 2!

A car that will never exist. The original Pacer turned out not to be the success they had hope for. With sales declining sharply a few years after introduction.

A weird (but great) look that was not for everyone. A small car that drove like a big one. Not enough power from the GM 6 cylinder engine. (they were supposed to use a Wenkel rotary engine).

By the time they put a V8 in it, it was too late… So the 2nd generation pictured here never came out.

Same with this really nice looking 66 Cavalier. A compact sedan with suicide doors! That designed looked really clean and modern compared to some of the crappy looking sedans from that time.

That would have also been an amazing looking coupe. Looks like it was supposed to be an Ambasador Coupe. The actual production model turned out to be a big, bloated car, a few years later. The suits thought this looked to much like a Riviera! Idiots!

Best of all is that early 1979 Van concept that actually was seen by the heads of Chrysler, and inspired the original Minivan that came out in 1983!

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