Mercury META 1

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This new concept will be unveiled in Detroit in January.

It is one of many new cars from Ford, based on the Mazda 6 platform.

Apparently, each division will get a mid sized sedan and a car-based SUV from that platform…

Ths Ford Fusion should be the 1st one out. Early next year. Followed my a mildly revised Mercury version.

We pretty much already know what the Lincoln versions will look like.

And they are both great!

The Zephyr sedan could be a hit, if the Lincoln name wasn’t attached to it that is…

Most people looking for a “entryy level” luxury car won’t even think of getting a Lincoln.

But the Aviator SUV should have more chances. It seems that brand name doesn’t matter at all when SUVs are concerned.

(Looka t the Escalade and Navigator…)

Both Lincolns have a really cool 70’s style interior.too!

There were also talking about a Jaguar SUV based on this… I wonder what happened to that idea…

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