2006 Audi A3

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This is nothing new in Europe, but this is the 5 door version of the A3 we’ll be getting in the US. One of the rare small European hatch we’re lucky to actually get!

It actually looks more interesting than the 2 door.

Audi has mentioned they will sell these at around $25000 to start. Depending on what comes standard, it might be pretty expensive.

And it’s not that much less than the larger A4…

But, the inerior seems as luxurious as the A4, and maybe roomier. And with a hatch, it might even be a better deal than the A4 wagon!

Engines are supposed to be the new 2.0Liter Turbo also used in the 2005 Jetta and 2006 Passat, and a V6.

But really, who would need more than 200hp in a car this size in the US.

One cool option, and a “must get” in the Burlapp book, is the Open sky feature. Which is actually just 2 sunroofs.

Similar to what Mercedes offers on the C Class coupe. The next best thing to a true “glass roof”.

For around $1500, it is well worth it, and makes the A3 even more original.

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