All new 2006 VW Passat !!!

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This is the 1st official look at the all new Passat for 2006.

After 8 years! Finally…

Although it doesn’t seem futuristic in any way, it does look classy and upscale. And it is larger too.

I don’t know anything about engines availability for the US market yes. Seems to me that the 2.5 Liter 5 cylinder standard on the 2005 Jetta would be the obvious choice for a base engine. Then a V6.

A wagon is coming soon too.

The whole car seems like one of these designs that looks better and more impressive in person. Just like the new Jetta.

This should be on sale next fall.

On this picture, the interior looks rather plain.

But most of the US cars will feature a more expensive looking detailing like aluminum and wood finish, leather etc…

It is a big step up from the current model. And that is still a nice interior after 8 years…

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