New Fiat Croma

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The Croma is back. And with it, the “large” Fiat!

Like most non-luxury European car makers, Fiat has been struggling when they tried to move into the large, or expensive car territory. Like Renault with the Vel Satis or Peugeot, Opel and Ford.

But Fiat thinks it can offer something different in the form of this hybrid sedan/awagon.

it really looks more like a regular wagon. Just like what Chrysler and Ford try to pass as “new hybrid type cars” in the US. They’re just wagons…

Good luck to Fiat.

Just a little reminder of what the original Croma looked like back in 1985. It was already a hatchback.

The structure of the car was shared with the Lancia Thema, The Alfa 164 and even the Saab 9000.

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