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Every few decades, Lincoln tries to convice the public they can put out a small car worthy of their name.

Here is what may be the first try: the 1937 Zephyr.

And here is one most of us might remember. The 1980 Versaille. What a name! For what was just a chromed out Ford Granada.I mean, how much chrome can you put on a mid sized Ford???

A cheap attempt to compete with Cadillac’s all new Seville. And a few years late.

By the way, that was considered the “small” Lincoln back then.

And this is the latest try: the 2006 Zephyr. Modern exterior with a retro 1970’s interior.

And it might just work.

But it’s not all new. It shares almost everything you can’t see with the next Mazda6 and similar models from Ford and Mercury.

Same old story…

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  1. the zephyr isnt going to compete with the seville, it is way to pricey for the mazda based lincoln. it will compete with the cadillac cts. in horsepower though it will compete with the lower end of the, entry level segment

  2. I don’t thinl he ever said that the Zephyr was going to compete against the STS; he said that the old Versaille wa meant to compete against the Seville back in the day.

  3. That’s what I ment.
    The old Versaille was created to go against the Seville. At the time, their were both the smallest cars Lincoln and Cadillac were offering.
    The Zephyr will go against the CTS. But I think the old 3.0Liter will hurt.
    Althought it doesn’t seem to hurt the Jaguar X type sales in the US too much. I see them everywhere around here. And most people don’t seem to mind the engine.
    The LS was supposed to compete more with the Seville. And they are rumors about a replacement for that car. Lincoln insiders now descibe it as a “Lexus GS fighter.”
    Good luck on that one!

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