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The Crossfox is the “off road” version of the Brazilian built VW Fox. The Fox is a version of the European VW Lupo.

We don’t get the Lupo. We don’t get any VW smaller than the Golf. And that’s not selling to well in the US.

Too bad. It seems to me that this little SUV Like small car could be a hit in the US. Imagine, the look of an SUV with the gas mileage of a sub compact. All for well under $15 000. With Minis, Scions and soon Smarts in our streets, this would have a chance…

This it just to show the regular Lupo, without the SUV Look. Kind of conservative for a small hatchback.

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  1. I am just trying to make Americans aware of what they don’t get. Tell them there’s another world out there…Even if it’s not brand new.
    I think the crossfox actually just started production this month, although it was “introduced’ a while ago.

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