2006 Subaru Tribeca

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Seems like most people are already bashing this new Subaru for its looks.

I like it!

Subarus are supposed to look a bit weird. People always complain that cars all look alike, but whenever someone tries something different, they get critisezed for it.

Subaru is a Japanese Citroen. These 2 brands, as well as Saab , should look like nothing else.

The Tribeca won’t be cheap. The Outback goes up to over $33000 already. So this should be starrting over that. And top at over $40 000.

That’s right, 3 raws of seats for a total of 7 people. And that interior looks better and way more modern than anything else in the class. Compare it with the Acura MDX, and it even makes the Lexus RX look old fashion.

The only this that’s missing is the cool giant 2 piece sunroof from the Outback. Why???

Look at this beautiful console design. A true original.

A Saab will be based on this. And I can’t wait to see what they did to make sure, this time (Unlike the Saab 9.2), that the Swedish car has its own design…

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  1. Mentionig Subaru, Saab and Citroën you forgot Alfa Romeo. And Alfa was the brand from which Subaru borrowed some design elements for its Tribeca (the nose, the back, the interior, they all resemble Alfa).


  2. I think Alfa is still not as original as the other 3.
    And the spanish designer who was heading the Alfa design department for years is now, at Subaru. The Tribeca is supposed to be his 1st job there.

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